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We offer nine Yoga classes every week at a variety of times for member convenience. All of our instructors are certified and each has a slightly different teaching style of Hatha Yoga/ Iyengar flow. Yoga helps the mind work in sync with the body to provide a whole host of benefits.

  • Increased Flexibility – Yoga works parts of the body that are rarely excercised, providing better ease of movement, while exercising the body’s tendons and ligaments
  • Clarity of the Mind – reduces stress and provides emotional balance through meditation
  • Massaging all organs of the body – providing optimum blood flow and higher resisitance to disease.
  • Excellent toning of the muscles – Muscles that have become weak are repeatedly stimulated to shed excess flab and flaccidity.

Please see our class schedules to decide which Yoga classes will work with your schedule.

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