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lose weight, get fit and relax

If you consider the main aims of most fitness regimes – to lose weight, improve fitness, build muscles and benefit your state of mind – there are few sports that tick all the boxes as emphatically as swimming. On top of all that, swimming provides a full-body workout with minimal risk of injury, which makes it an excellent choice for cross-training..

#1 Best Athletic Club In The Bay Area - by Jimaii Design

Pick A Lane

Our swim program is currently set up on a reservation system where you can choose between an hour swim or a half-hour swim. We have divided up our six (6) lane pool (4 feet deep and 84 degree temp)  into three (3) lanes for the half-hour and three (3) for the hour. Our scheduling system is set up in a staggered format so that only 3 people will be entering or exiting the pool area at any given time. We also have adjacent lanes enter and exit the water at opposite ends of the pool. This provides our swimmers with the best safety option and provides optimal physical distancing. Pick your private swim lane and time to begin enjoying the benefits of swimming, water walking or other therapeutic needs. 


Must be18 years and older. Available for first time visitors only.