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Instruction includes: forehand, backhand, & rules. This is great for the new player and for those who have not played in a while and need a re-fresher. Come and join us.

We also offer quarterly organized leagues, singles & doubles!! It is a terrific way to meet players, socialize with others, and get a competitive game. The Racquetball Director organizes all games. There is a special awards dinner after each league.

Throughout the year we also schedule: one-day doubles, mini tournaments, periodic clinics provided by the top racquetball manufacturers and players in the bay area as well as special racquetball events.

We also have a challenge ladder and partner board located in the main hallway near the Racquetball courts. If you’re new to the sport or taking it up again, but don’t have anyone to play, we also have a Partner Board where players can list their information including phone number, skill level, and times available to play. This gives you the ability to call others on the list and schedule a fun, informal game at your convenience. Another way to meet new players and find a competitive game is through our Challenge Ladder on which players are ranked according to skill level and then challenge other players a rung or two above them. The more games you win, the farther up the ladder you move.


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