Mariner Square Athletic Club - Best Athletic Club in The Bay Area - by Jimaii Design PILATES

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The Pilates Universal Reformer is the ideal place to start Pilates practice, as the padded, gliding carriage with spring resistance supports the body , and the foot bar or leg loops guide the movements. A common misconception is that Mat Pilates is for beginners, while apparatus is advanced.

Mariner Square Athletic Club - Best Athletic Club in The Bay Area - by Jimaii Design


Just the opposite is true – the Reformer correctly positions the spine and extremities during resistance training, much like weight machines such as Cybex or Nautilus have seats or backboards that position and give support, so the Reformer positions the body correctly for exercises like leg raises, lat press and footwork.

Clients in aparatus classes will be guided through a series of flowing, challenging but restorative exercises for abdominal, back, foot, leg and shoulder muscles.
The springboard is an additional Pilates, wall based, tool used to stabilize movements with springs for arms and legs used in both standing and floor positions. Some lessons will require both aparatus’.

‘Spring training’ is truly restorative, and fun, as well as a great, whole-body workout!

Our certified instructors may use both springboards and reformers during their sessions. This allows for maximum flexibility in tailoring to client needs and offering frequently varied workouts. Members and nonmembers may currently purchase private sessions or duets.


Please call our courtesy desk at 510-523-8011 for pricing and booking.

*small group classes will become available as county guidelines permit.


Must be18 years and older. Available for first time visitors only.