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Breath, Concentration, Centering, Control, Precision, and Dynamic Fluid Movement – these are the 5 defining principles upon which all Pilates exercises are based.

Through Joseph Pilates’ unique and ingenious exercise method, individuals can strengthen and restore their bodies. The classic exercises are designed to improve muscle strength, while maintaining and increasing flexibility. These goals are accomplished through a series of precise movements accompanied by controlled breath, particularly targeted to the deep abdominal muscles or core. Mariner Square Athletic Club offers a variety of Pilates classes, both mat (free with membership) and apparatus (fee based), at all levels.

To begin the program, please take the (free) Foundations of Pilates, offered on the 2nd Saturday of each month, and look for free monthly Demonstration Classes for both the Springboard and Reformer apparatus. core strength and helps you achieve a well-rounded work out.




Our one-hour Pilates Mat classes improve posture, flexibility, and core strength, enabling you to move effectively and efficiently from the body’s center. Mat exercises coordinate diaphragmatic breathing with the properly sequenced co-contractions of the pelvic floor, deep abdominals, and spinal musculature. Exercises emphasize precise alignment and efficient sequencing of movement. The class flows from one exercise to the next leaving your body feeling strong, centered, and balanced. Mat classes are appropriate for experienced Pilates students. New students may gain the necessary knowledge by either attending Introduction to Pilates (offered once a month) or by attending Foundation classes for at least one month, thus learning all of the key Fundamental Principals.

In this small group class you will be guided through a series of controlled exercises that are specifically tailored to your level of ability. Work with arm springs, leg springs, and the rollback bar strengthens and tones your arms, legs, abdominals, and back. With a maximum of 7 students, you will receive individualized instruction and corrections to streamline your workout. This full body training helps strengthen your entire body, while stretching and increasing flexibility.

The Pilates Universal Reformer is the ideal place to start Pilates practice, as the padded, gliding carriage with spring resistance supports the body , and the foot bar or leg loops guide the movements. A common misconception is that Mat Pilates is for beginners, while apparatus is advanced.

Just the opposite is true – the Reformer correctly positions the spine and extremities during resistance training, much like weight machines such as Cybex or Nautilus have seats or backboards that position and give support, so the Reformer positions the body correctly for exercises like leg raises, lat press and footwork.

Clients in Reformer classes will be guided through a series of flowing, challenging but restorative exercises for abdominal, back, foot, leg and shoulder muscles.

‘Spring training’ is truly restorative, and fun, as well as a great, whole-body workout!

The semi-private, small group environment of the Reformer and Springboard classes provides very individually monitored practice. The instructors know students by name, and can give the personal assistance and corrections impossible to do in large group mat classes. This class can accommodate a maximum of 4 Participants.

‘Spring training’ is truly restorative, and fun, as well as a great, whole-body workout!

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