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Wado Ki Kai Karate head instructor: Sensei Grant Butterfield (6th Dan Wado Ki Kai Karate System)

The Wado Ki Kai® system was founded in 1976 by the late John T. Pereira, 8th degree black-belt. Translated to English, it means “To Learn From All Things”. Practitioners of this style refer to it as “the complete karate system” due to its incorporation of techniques from other styles of martial arts. Sensei Pereira was strongly influenced by two of his teachers; Dr. Duke Moore, 10th degree black-belt in karate (a man who also holds black belt rank in judo and ju-jitsu), and Richard “Biggie” Kim, another renowned martial artist. Kata, from the Naha-te, Goju, Shuri-te, and Shoto are all manifested in the Wado Ki Kai® system. Weapons include the Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, and sword. The adoption of fluid kicking techniques from Tae Kwon Do are evident when Wado Ki Kai® kumite is observed. The most celebrated technique of this style, and one that it is best known for, is the front thrust kick. Sensei Pereira strongly advocated the incorporation of padded sparring equipment in kumite. This idea met with much opposition at the time, but Sensei Pereira nevertheless included it in the Wado Ki Kai® system, and today it is an accepted practice in the martial arts world. Today, Master Pereira’s unique system of karate is being taught throughout the United States and Mexico. We that knew him are greatly saddened by his untimely death in 1993, but respectfully share his legacy, and work towards its continuation and growth. ~ by Ferol N. Arce, Shihan

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