Kids Corner

Our programs for children are more than a babysitting service. We provide quality care and a creative environment for your child. This allows you to.

In addition to being CPR certified, our staff has educational and or experience working with children of all ages. Many of our staff are also Mothers/Grandmothers and have been with us for over 10 years. We are proud of and deeply value the stability they provide to our programs and the children who participate in them.

We offer two distinct areas to accommodate children.

The main room is for children ages 8 weeks through 1st grade. Our youth area is designed for children grades 2nd -7th.

  • Children are welcome for a maximum of two hours per visit.
  • Visits can be purchased at the courtesy desk and are available in: single, five, ten and 20 visit packages.
  • For safety and identification, each child must be signed in/out by the same parent and membership card must be presented.

Kid’s Corner FAQ and Guidelines for parents

  • What can we bring?We allow labeled; bottles, pacifiers, and juice cups, however, food is not permitted at any time. We also recommend that your child leave their favorite toys at home as we would not want your child be disappointed if their toys were broken or lost.
  • Is there a dress code?Clothes: Keep in mind we do crafts and your child may be using paints/markers. Shoes: Please protect your child’s feet in closed toe/heel shoes. Sneakers are recommended.
  • Should I remain in the Club?YES. Parents must remain in the club when their child is in Kid’s Corner. We do have special activities when you can leave the club; they are Parents’ Night Out and Parents Morning Out.
Our Guidelines and Policies
  • Kid’s Corner is available to members and their children. Member must present their membership card when signing into Kid’s Corner. The same parent must sign child in/out and parent must remain in the club.
  • Members may bring one paid guest child per visit. The guest child’s parents must sign the child in/out and the parent must remain in the Club.
  • Reservations: Not needed. We offer drop in convenience
  • For safety and security reasons, all persons must enter/exit Kid’s Corner from the main entrance.
  • For your convenience, we have a 10 min. family loading zone parking space near out main entrance.
  • Children under 13 may not be in the Club without a parent on premise.
  • Children may use specific areas outside of Kids Corner only under the direct supervision of their parent, unless the child is engaged in a club-sponsored activity. Direct supervision means that the child is within speaking and visual distance of the parent and that the child is engaged in the same activity as the parent. A parent watching a child doing an activity is not direct supervision
  • Shoes are required at all times unless in the pools or locker rooms.
  • Children are not permitted in the whirlpools, saunas and steam rooms under any conditions.
  • Diaper Changes: we change! Please provide diapers in Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name.
  • We encourage you to bring an extra et of clearly labeled clothing while your when your child is potty training.
  • Items/ Clothing articles left in childcare longer than 30 days will be donated to charity.
  • Unruly children will not be tolerated. Parents will be paged to immediately remove the child. In the event of continued behavior problems, Kid’s Corner privileges may be suspended temporarily or permanently.
  • Sick children are not permitted. In an effort to maintain a healthy atmosphere for children, we reserve the right to ask you to remove your child if we feel they are ill.
  • For safety and health reasons, please leave toys and food at home.
  • We allow labeled; bottles, pacifiers, and juice cups, however, food is not permitted at any time.
  • Children may visit Kid’s Corner more than once per day provided there is a two-hour break between Kid’s Corner visit. This also includes special events (i.e. Parent’s Night Out).
  • Your promptness is appreciated in honoring our visit limits.
  • If your child’s visit extends beyond two hours (5 minute grace), you will be charged an additional visit.

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